Amazon Search Optimizer (2018)

  I like to search for products on Amazon and read the customer reviews. Sorting by the average customer review may help to find the perfect product. BUT: The research can be a little bit tricky, because the search results do not (always) take care of the rating / count – ratio of the reviews….

FB Share Image Changer (2017)

  Facebook uses the Open Graph Meta Tags to determine the image and text for sharing. What if you want to share a specific link but you want to use a different image and description? Facebook preloads the image and the description from the shared link: The shown script identifies the user agent from Facebook…

WordPress Plugin ReSearch (2017)

  You are not satisfied with the native WordPress Plugin search? Me neither. I built a search function where you can… …search by title …search by description …search and/or order by ratings (or ratings count) …get the newest plugins …get the authors of the best rated plugins …and more You also could use it to…

WP Plugin “Allowed Routes” (2017)

WordPress creates permalinks for all (custom) post types and taxonomies. It can be challenging to get a clean google index with that many default routes. Use cases: Absolute control over all permalinks Prevent unwanted search engine indexing Be sure no custom post type adds unwanted permalinks No frontend needed Plugin @ WordPress