Amazon Search Optimizer (2018)


I like to search for products on Amazon and read the customer reviews. Sorting by the average customer review may help to find the perfect product. BUT: The research can be a little bit tricky, because the search results do not (always) take care of the rating / count – ratio of the reviews.

For example a search for “bluetooth headphones” outputs the following results sorted by the avg. customer review:

  • 1st product: sponsored, does not belong in the search result at all
  • 2nd product: 5 stars with 379 ratings
  • 3rd product: 5 stars with 58 ratings
  • 4th product: 5 stars with 222 ratings

In my opinion the 3rd product does not fit into the search result. It may be correct in absolute numbers, but the significance is much lower than for the 1st & 4th item.

So I played around with the free Amazon API and rebuilt the search and got the same result – except the sponsored items 😉 I also added a minimum count of ratings, so the significance had (mostly) the same level. Output of the result was in a very simplified list page, with links to the product. No ads, no pagination, one fine clean list for research.

I guess Amazon would not like to have such a service or script around. Clearly it was a personal project and it’s not publicly available 😉